Apr 2021

Circuit Training for Low Back Pain with Kerry Kasik

Circuit Training for Low Back Pain with Kerry Kasik

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Is circuit training effective in alleviating back pain?

Yes circuit training can be effective in relieving lower back pain if the exercises in the circuit are done to near perfection. I have typically found that all circuit training does in the traditional sense is build more imbalance. Since very few think about associative systems in relation to transverse abdominis activation during movement, it's likely muscular neuro-circuitry will lean towards deficiency, especially during circuit training. However, if we think about the neural associations during a circuit training program going to the essential muscles for proper support of the joints and vertebrae, the circuit training style of workout can be very beneficial.

In the video above I take MMA figther Kerry Kasik through a circuit training program of corrective exercises to eliminate a lower back problem that has hindered her progress over the last 3 years. She's seen a who's who of people to address her chronic lower back pains and saw no relief. We did a few things to promote a proper activation of the 3 pillars of posture, and boom the pain was gone. The challenge for me is her associating the tensions of the 3 pillars of posture at all times so that the lumbar vertebrae musculature to not compensate in the relative context that they have been already.

If you would like to know more about the 3 Pillars of Posture and how they influence your function as a human being, I strongly suggest downloading my book "The Power of Posture". It goes into detail of human conditioning that leads to poor neural associations within your muscles and gives you the step by step approach to addressing it permanently.