Apr 2021

Do your knees hurt? Here's a bit of info to help (Video)

Knee issues are as common as any other pain I have had my clients deal with, its also been by far one of the easiest to correct out of all pains I rehabilitate. Since there is not much complexity to the knee joint and how it moves, opposed to other joints like the shoulder, understanding what the problem is with the knee doesn't take long. It's important to note that most knee issues do stem from pelvic dysfunctions that throw your weight distribution and stability off (click here to view videos on other dysfunctions). I would recommend getting at the foundational root of the knee issue before working around the knee. After you have done that, you can do the release on the video. Remember that when the knowledge is there, discipline rules all. Make sure you practice this repeatedly to allow your body to acclimate to the environment of triggerpoint therapy!