Apr 2021

Exercises for knee pain with Myles Jury

Ultimate fighter 13 participant, Myles Jury, had to pull out of the show because of an ACL injury. My mission? To fix the dysfunction and get the guy moving freely without any limitations. This will require a complete change in the way his body distributes weight at an innately. At this stage in the rehabilitation process, I'm really just trying to give the guy homework before I begin to do soft tissue work on him. The more tools he uses to align his structural integrity when he's not seeing me, the more likely his foundation will stabilize and give me something to work off of. The ultimate goal is to get this guy doing some MBM's, but for now this is what I'm giving him:

1.) Piriformis Myofascial Release (Medicine Ball) - Especially important for any fighter because of the influence this has on outward hip rotation (walking like a duck).

2.) IT Band Myofascial Release (Medicine Ball) - These lateral stabilizers are, most of the time, the culprit for lateral patellar tracking. This means that when this tendon is tight, it's going to yank on the knee cap sideways. This compromises the knees structural integrity and usually leads to major internal injury.