Apr 2021

Having shoulder or neck issues? I've got the remedy.

Here are some images of techniques I use with my clients that are extremely helpful in realigning posture and alleviating rotator cuff pain. Today's lifestyle of chronic, repetitious physical and mental stress patterns are the main causes of shoulder issues. The best way to eliminate the pain is to allow joint mobilization through the release of the major muscle groups. When it comes to most shoulder issues, tightness in the internal rotators and protractors are responsible for the dysfunction. The tightness and over development of fascia on these muscles are what trigger spasms in the muscles on the opposite end, trying to compensate. If these major muscle groups are released, compensation ceases, and then we can achieve stability within the rotator cuff. There are many muscle groups that need release in this situation, but for now, i'm going to give you the 4 main muscle groups we want to put our focus on (these muscles are the most influential). It is very important that we follow this specific order. When we go in order it allows for the second, third and fourth muscles to release easier. If we have a foundational major muscle group overly bound up, the other tissues are going to respond accordingly. If that same major muscle group is released, those others will be more apt to respond.

The method? Myofascial Release.

The tool? Lacrosse ball.

The order of release:

1.) Pectoralis Major 2.) Latissimus Dorsi

3.) Trapezius 4.) Rhomboids