Apr 2021

"Knee Strengthening" - How do I Eliminate my Knee Pain?

"Knee Strengthening" - How do I Eliminate my Knee Pain for Surfing?

Knee Pain can really be limiting to any person trying to move functionally. In this video I answer a question in regards to knee problems related to surfing for Sebastian Molina Rocha (Facebook liker).

A common approach I have seen for "knee strengthening" usually involves some kind of stability training in areas proximal to the knee or hip joint. I either see people doing single leg balance type work, queuing external rotation at the femur through lifts, or even the use of minibands around the knees during exercise.

This act of trying to institute "stability" in these areas can have dire consequences in orienting your center of gravity (real stability) from your core. Specifically your transverse abdominis. If you're using your quadriceps or your glute medius to provide stability, you're definitely missing the point of how these muscles were adapted to work.

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