Apr 2021

Lacrosse ball trigger point for shoulder pain (video)

Here's a release for the Lats I like to do with my clients when they tell me they are having shoulder pain. I like this specific way of releasing the Lats because it's very easy to maintain pressure without having to strain into the trigger point. The Latissimus Dorsi is an extremely important trigger point because it can affect so many areas of your body. If you practice this trigger you will help with:

• Shoulder Pain - The Lats internally rotate the shoulder and can therefore create major imbalances that lead to bad posture. If the shoulder can't externally rotate, you're going to eventually have a shoulder problem.

• Lower Back Pain/Hip problems - The Lats have origin points that insert into the lower back and pelvis. If they get tight they will directly affect the area and can create imbalance.

• Breathing Problems - Often times, people who have problems with breathing also have problems with their posture. In the past, I have tried doing breathing exercises with my clients to help with the respiratory system, but couldn't get the ribs to expand far enough to get the diaphragm to open up. Since the Lats happen to directly attach to the lower 4 ribs, they have great influence on how much oxygen the lungs can intake. Release of these muscle tissues immediately allows the diaphragm to have more breathing room

Here's a video that will teach you how to release your lats