Apr 2021

MMA Training- Weight cutting w/ UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens

Hello Everyone!

I have been in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the last few days helping UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens with his weight for an upcoming bout against Yves Edwards for the UFC on FX.

This has easily been the best Jeremy Stephens I have seen in his entire career. He's moving like something I have never seen and it's purely been a result of Jeremy putting in the necessary work to get to this level.

In the video below, I run Jeremy through some techniques to help him ease in the weight cut without having too many side effects of dehydration. Since weight cutting is something fighters do every once in a while, it's important to get the body to understand it doesn't have to react adversely.

It's important to understand that it's not the stressor placed upon the body that will determine it's adaptability, it's more the body's response to the stressor(s) that does. By incorporating the techniques done on this video, we address the root of what would make the body stress out negatively through a weight cut, hence making the weight cut a much less strenuous process.