Apr 2021

The Ultimate Butt Workout - How to Squat Correctly

The Ultimate Butt Workout - How to Squat Correctly

Looking for a good butt workout? There's few better than doing a squat with a strong base.

For this video I cover a few tips on how to improve your squatting mechanics, subsequently improving the use of your butt muscles, specifically the gluteus maximus.

If you are incapable of getting into a proper squat position, it likely means you will need to address some imbalance and it is strongly advised you get on a good structural integration program.

A body that is full of restriction will elicit distorted movement patterns (like pointing your toes outward during your squat) simply because it understands that environment.

Does that make it right? Not by a long shot.

Be sure to check out the video above for further details and how to get your squat mechanics right so when can get those butt muscles in full working order.

Train intentionally, not habitually,