Apr 2021

Tight Hammies? Here's a little something to help. (Video)

If there's a muscle I always have clients complain about, it's the hamstrings. Even if they practice stretching the hamstrings everyday, which they usually don't because of the pain, their flexibility in that area doesn't seem to improve all that much. I have a video to help, but before you decide to try out this technique on the video below, I would highly recommend you consider learning how to release your Hip Flexors and your Gluteus Medius/Minimus. We have to understand that the hamstrings are being manipulated into being tight by other muscles forcing them to compensate. When you sit down (action commonly done in our culture), you are setting a dysfunction on your hip flexor muscles (muscles on the front of the hip). When this happens your Gluteus Maximus (lower butt muscles) become deactivated and muscular amnesia in that muscle-group soon follows. This will lead to the hamstrings having to over compensate for the Gluteus Maximus not working anymore. The final result? Tight Hamstrings. Lets make sure we unbind the muscles I mentioned before so we can truly get at the root to the problem, before we get at the symptom. Enjoy!!!