Apr 2021

Total body workout with Julie Borden

Date: 4/25/11
Location: Solana Beach, CA
Service: Personal Training

Had a fantastic personal training workout with a very advanced client today. I put her through an extremely neurologically challenging exercise circuit. Great Job Julie!!!

done in this video:

1.) Cable-bar downward sweep-chop - Great total body exercise, really gets the obliques and abs firing efficiently.

2.) Cable-bar Pullbacks - Another total body exercise, gets great engagement of all the posterior chain movers like your lats and glutes.

3.) MB Elevating Push-ups - Unbelievably challenging upper body exercise along with the core. Only try it if you've mastered the movement on the floor first!

4.) Circle Swing lunge - A plyometric lunge that I would categorize as a Multi-plane Ballistic Movement. This exercise challenging rhythm, explosiveness (important for fast twitch muscle development), and center of gravity. If you have problems with a regular lunge, I wouldn't suggest this exercise.

5.) Firecracker - Total body exercise that challenge many aspects of a sagittal plane (forward or back) movement. This is definitely a Functional Patterns classic made for the die-hards.

6.) Kettlebell Full Circle Swing - Challenging exercise on the rotators of the body. Very exhausting exercise but is also great for dynamic flexibility!!!

Unless you're in extremely great shape, I wouldn't try exercises 3, 4, 5, 6. The first to can be challenging, but can be done at almost any level of fitness if the load is applied properly. Enjoy!!!