Apr 2021

Walking Pendulum Lunges with Gavin

Pendulum Movements have become a major staple in my system of movement, because they train the body to adjust on the fly. One of the main challengers to our proprioceptive nervous system is the rhythmic movement involved in locomotion (walking, running, most sports, etc.). All movements within locomotion are really just controlled falling. After many years of analyzing the martial arts, as well as many other sports, one thing has become astonishingly clear to me: the athlete with better adaption in locomotion generally is the winner in most sports. If you analyze a boxing great like Floyd Mayweather, you will see that this guy relies greatly on rhythm and timing when implementing his fighting strategies. He's rarely in a bad position and is seldomly ever hit by a punch. His conditioning is rarely ever off, because he is effecient in all of his movements through the entirety of a boxing match. As the great Larry Merchant stated : "He fights as naturally as a fish swims." Floyd Mayweather's success in the ring is a result of how well his body maintains its structural integrity while moving in different planes of motion, all while having to deal with random forces happening during a fight. This is the case when it comes to the majority of all athletes in the majority of all sports. If your body can't adjust on the fly, your structural integrity will be compromised and you won't be efficient anymore and that leads to poor performance and injury. Pendulum Movements specifically train you for these random actions happening within a sport. These exercises provide the stimulus necessary to engage the right muscle systems at the right time. Timing is everything in all the actions of life, and my Pendulum Exercises will ensure that you are adjustable to the rhythms of our planet.