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Pain free movement after chronic knee pain

Pain free movement after chronic knee pain

Knee pain gains out of @fp.bratislava with @david_bartalos and his client Dano. Pain free movement after 4 years of chronic knee pain with knee arthritis with @dano_gobl . Both videos recorded in m...


Chronic knee, hip, and neck pain

Chronic knee, hip, and neck pain

Gait cycle gains coming from @fp_brisbane @lou.ellery 🏃🏻 Taking the guesswork out of taking care of your body is what we do at FP. Attaining results that matter for people who care.May ‘20 - Sep ‘2...



Functional patterns is about training organisms in relation to their biological characteristics.

Sounds a bit complicated? Well, not really when you think about it. At a basic level it means whatever animal you choose to train, you do it with the foremost goal of optimizing its primary functions. Fish swim, birds fly, and dogs walk on four legs. What do humans do?

Cerebral Palsy


“I was told by the doctors that I should never load my body physically anymore. However, I knew how It was important for my body to move, in order to not become atrophied. I refused to stay stuck at home doing nothing, so I gave a try to FP which I heard about from my friend. Since I started doing FP, my physical condition has improved dramatically.”

Spinal Compression To Pain Free


"After chronic pain for a decade I can now move through life using vital mental capacity and attention on things that are important to me rather than devoting myself to managing my pain. I now experience a freedom that is derived from knowing that my body will do what I ask of it. The knowledge that I can move with strength, power and agility to protect myself gives me a sense of relaxation that I cannot explain.”

Low Back and Knee Pain


“Low back pain has been part of my life since adolescence. I thought it was normal to feel pain at 32 years old (left). With FP I managed to eliminate my lower back pain, and knee pain from a poorly recovered knee surgery. At 41 years old (right), I can say that the biomechanical corrections were crucial in this path where pain was completely erased. Now I can finally get to know what else my body can do.“