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The Parabar Workout

Build the rawest form of functional strength with the Parabar!




This course will teach you to use one of the best tools on the market to take your movement and strength gains to the next level. We'll show you how to get the most out of your Parabar so you can keep making gains without the pains.

  • 100 + minutes of video content
  • 3 levels of movement to master The Parabar 



Simple Tools for Complex Organisms

Develop functional strength and power with a training method that gets you gains without pains.

The vast majority of strength training programs take the "no-pain, no-gain" approach when it comes to training. But does there always have to be a trade-off? Can you get stronger, move better, lose fat, and build muscle while ditching out on those annoying pains?

Enter The Parabar

A simple tool, meant to give you all the benefits of strength training with none of the joint compression.

When used properly, as demonstrated in The Parabar Workout course, we'll show you how to progress your movement from Beginner, to Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Not only will you build strength, power, and move better in the process, you'll be taking your body through movements that apply outside of the training room into the REAL world.

Easy To Follow Along Program

We know working out can become a complicated subject matter. Which is why we make all of our courses easy to understand and simple to follow along.

No complicated terms or jargon just to sound smart. We break things down in digestible bits so that YOU can get the results YOU want.

In this course we'll show you just how we use The Parabar at Functional Patterns, with ourselves and our clients, taking your from Beginner to Advanced in over 100+ minutes of instructional video!

The best part is that the techniques you'll learn in this course will build both function and strength even at the Beginner phase. No more trading off gains for pains. By bundling The Parabar with The Parabar Workout, you'll be taking your functionality to the next level, and making actionable strength gains that relate to actual reality.



Is there an APP?

Yes, our course platform can be saved to any device and used like a native app. This ensures a smooth and seamless experience when accessing the course material from your smart phone devices.

What equipment is required for this course?

This course was made specifically for the Parabar. While the course can still be done with a regular cable bar, the absence of a rotational handle on standard cable bars means some limitations may arise in this course.

Additionally, we utilize our FP Multi-Plane Trainers with the Parabar as they are best-designed for the cable length, smoothness, and tensions that facilitate for the best use of this product. Other alternatives you can use are a standard cable machine, or elastic bands. Please exercise caution with these other alternatives as they are still suitable for The Parabar Workout, but to a lesser degree.

Do I need elite-level fitness and conditioning to use this course?

No, we have all kinds of people getting great results with our course. There are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level exercises that suits all levels of physical fitness. We do however suggest that if you have any pre-exisiting conditions that you seek the professional medical advice of a licensed physician before beginning any exericse program.

Should I purchase and complete the other online courses first?

While it's not strictly necessary to do our other courses before The Parabar Workout, we do still highly recommended you complete them first in order to get the most value out of this course. Our 10 Week Online Course & Functional Training System will teach at depth, some fundametal principals of the Functional Patterns training which are not covered in The Parabar Workout. By establishing a functional baseline of human movement in these first two courses, you will be in the best position to utilize The Parabar and its Workout course to the absolute fullest.

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