Human Bio-Mechanics Specialist

Become a key player in the revolution that is flipping the fitness industry right side up. The satisfaction we get from our students is unparalleled in the fitness industry.

We keep people in the community because the techniques we use actually get results.

If you want to enhance your movement and have that knowledge transfer to those you train, this is the source. 

Courses Available

  • HBS Level I
  • HBS Level II (Invite Only)
  • HBS Level III (Invite Only)


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Upcoming Courses

Human Bio-Mechanics Specialists 1 - Kauai, Hawaii - March 2020

Event Dates: March 2020
Location: Kauai, Hawaii
Daily Schedule: 7am - 1pm including a 1 Hour Lunch Break

All spots are first-come, first-served.

Contact for info and registration.

Upon registration you will be contacted to confirm and submit payment, or provide additional information.

Completion of the Human Foundations Course is prerequisite to attending.

HBS 1 Course (Kauai, Hawaii) Sept 2020

Location: Kauai, Hawaii
Date: Postponed until further notice
Instructor: Naudi Aguilar
Price: $4000


Our two last Human Biomechanics Courses sold out in a matter of days apply now to avoid disappointment later!

Attendee prerequisite: Completion of Human Foundation Courses

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