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The Parabar Workout

Build the rawest form of functional strength with the Parabar!

Bundle with Parabar and save 30%

This course will teach you to use one of the best tools on the market to take your movement and strength gains to the next level.

  • 100 + minutes of video content
  • 3 levels of movement to master the Parabar 

The best part about Functional Patterns is that the results last over the long haul. Although there are many things that separate FP from the rest in the field, the most impactful is that our results stick!


Take Control Of Your Body By Understanding How To Make Your Muscles Work For You, Not Against You!

When you understand how to get your muscles to control your body in space, you can also find the way to control the pain caused by lack of body control.

Although many in the field make claims about how their system enhances movement, our results show you that follow through in getting people to move and feel better.

If you can't see the change mechanically, the problems you have will persist.

This is why it is important to be able to see the changes like the ones we display all over this website.

Taking ownership of your body mechanics and pain are now attainable thanks to the Functional Patterns Training Methodology!

Learning To Correct Your Movement Imbalances And Pain Is Like Learning How To Ride A Bike!

Just like you need to establish a skillset when riding a bicycle, the same goes with your body.

Contrary to popular belief, learning to move well at a fundamental level that doesn't come with joint pain requires a form of skills development. I have simplified what used to be complicated subject matter into digestible bits of info that will help you understand how to look at the imbalances in your body.

The best part of this course is that it will teach you the techniques that will get you moving parts of your body that don't want to move, and stabilizing the parts that want to move too much.

Essentially, you will get a much better understanding of what it means to have equilibrium with your human structure.



Is there an APP?

Yes there is, our course platform can be saved to any device and used like a native app. This ensures a smooth and frictionless course experience.

Do i need to be fit and healthy to do this course?

No, we have all kinds of people getting great results with our course. There are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level exercises that can suit all levels. We do however suggest that if you have any pre-exisiting issues that you do seek medical advice before commencing the course.

Is there any specialist equipment required for the course?

Yes, this course was made for one of our fitness tools called the Parabar. The course can be done with a regular cable bar, although they dont have a rotional mechanism built into the product, which means there will be limitations when it comes to using a regular cable bar with with this course.

Should I purchase and complete the other online courses first?

While it's not necessary to complete them to do The Parabar Workout, it is highly recommended that you do them first to maximise your gains with this course. Our 10 Week Online Course & Functional Training System will teach at depth, some fundametal principals of the Functional Patterns training which are not covered in The Parabar Workout.

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