The Dual Arm FP Trainer

With a cable run of 7.5m (24,6 ft), the range of exercises is limited only by the imagination of the user.

A weight stack was specifically chosen to ensure that the right amount of inertia is generated on every movement.

Enough so you can do explosive movements on a pulley without an excessive jumping of the cable stack.

Combined with precision construction and innovative design, this offers a level of speed and fluidity that’s never been available before now.

Literally all pulleys in this machine are made of aluminum alloy.

The wide majority of our competitors in the industry are still using plastic for their pulleYs, minimizing the quality of tension, as well as the longevity of the machine as a whole

Exhaustive Testing At FP HQ In Hawaii, Seattle, As Well As Cornell University, Has Shown That The FP Trainer Is A Paradigm Shift In Corrective Exercise And Fitness

This uniquely versatile unit has been built using the highest quality components to ensure durability and reduce maintenance, even in demanding commercial environments.

Functional Patterns we strive for greatness in everything we do. We have showcased results second to none using our training protocols.

We intend on showcasing we are the best at building high quality machinery that lasts for several decades.

First priority in Functional Patterns is serving our hard working customers with the best products.

We take pride in serving only the best. 

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The Human Body evolved over millions of years primarily to walk, run, and throw.

These movement patterns are the defining biomechanical traits of human beings. These specific structural aspects are what influence virtually all movements available to us as we navigate life.

Despite these facts, we rarely ever see people orient their training around these ideas. One of the main reasons for that comes down to the design of the equipment people are given a chance to use.

Most Conventional Fitness And Injury Rehabilitation Equipment are not designed to Respect Or Enhance Human Biomechanics The Functional Patterns Dual Arm Trainer has been engineered from the ground up to allow multi-plane ballistic movement sequences that simply can’t be done on any other piece of equipment.


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