Human Foundations Course

Human Foundations Course


Our Human Foundations (HF) certification course builds upon the groundwork of the 10 Week Online Course. It is the first step to becoming certified in the FP methodology.

You will learn how to apply specific corrective exercise techniques and basic FP dynamic movements to improve common postural distortions.

Who is the HF course for?

The Human Foundations course is the first step to getting FP certified. As FP is appropriate for all humans, regardless of occupation, fitness level and disability, so are our courses. The Human Foundations is open to anyone genuinely interested in learning FP and improving their biomechanics. The only prerequisite is to complete our 10 week online course to prepare your body and mind so that you can get the most out of the in person HF course, but other than that, everyone is welcome.

What does the HF course entail?

The HF course goes in depth on the 10 Week online course and also covers aspects of the Power of Posture and the Functional Training System

Doing the 10 week course at home is different from doing it in front of one of our most experienced practitioners and 30 other people. In fact, our students report picking up new things from the 10 Week Online Course after they’ve have attended the HF course. At FP we focus on the bigger picture, treating the system instead of the symptom. Our in person learning environment is heavily focused on the direct application of concepts being instructed and is not a sitting lecture, as after all, how can you teach something you cannot do yourself? With FP you won’t just memorise theory or a specific amount of exercises, but learn to adapt our concepts to any human and how to correct biomechanics in real time. Furthermore, one of the great benefits of our in person courses is that you won’t just get to apply these concepts on yourself, but see how it applies to 30-40 people with different and individual dysfunctions, so that once you take it out in the world, you can figure out to adapt it to any client.

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