The Single Arm FP Trainer

The human body evolved over millennia to walk, run, and throw.

These movements are what define our structure, and influence everything that we do.

Combine The Inertia Feedback Of A Traditional Weight Stack With A Long Travel Cable System

Most conventional fitness and rehabilitation equipment is not built to enhance Human Biomechanics.

At FP, we are striving to implement the tools and engineering that leads to the utmost longevity in movement and health.

Functional Patterns movements allow for dynamic muscle recruitment over an extended period of time, and the MP trainer is engineered specifically for this task.

Long range, multi-plane, ballistic movement sequences.

A weight stack was specifically chosen for this machine to ensure that inertia is generated with every movement.

The pulley mechanism and long travel cable modify this “inertia” for speed and fluidity.

These machines have undergone exhaustive testing at FP HQ and Cornell University, leading the way as the first product of global paradigm shift in corrective exercise and fitness.

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