Bruno's Journey With FP

Bruno's Journey With FP

FP for many is a story of change. A change that lasts and one that keeps on going. It seems that when someone learns more about themselves through building awareness of their body and the way they move something special happens. Instead of plateauing and getting stagnate in their lives they begin a steady upward trend of improvement. 

From dealing with injuries in his 20’s to consistently getting in better shape at 41 years old, look at what FP has been able to help Bruno become over the long haul. The best part is he's just getting started.

Low back pain was a part of his life since he was a kid. He never had any injuries but would always get really tired when playing soccer and couldn't quite figure out why. In 2001 when he injured his knee, at 20 years old. In 2006 he had to get knee surgery at the age of 25.



Searching for a way to heal from the knee surgery and improve his overall health and performance, he found his answer in Functional Patterns. He’s been able to make physical and biomechanical improvements all the while having a hugely stressful life with a ridiculous workload. Bruno is now back out on the soccer field playing the sport he likes most and enjoying the new possibilities he has with a better functioning body.

He understood from day one of doing FP that if you get to the source of your mechanical problems, turning into a healthy well moving human becomes easy. It’s easy when you know what to focus on and FP laid it out for him in a systematic way. No extreme discipline was needed. All he had to do was follow along and do it.

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