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When you go through our certification process you will be equipped with the training concepts that make our practitioners the talk of the health and fitness industry.


the 10-week online program

The Functional Patterns 10-Week Online Course has been designed to help people get out of pain and stay out of pain.

12 hours of video content
99 Instructional Videos
Over 47 techniques
3 phases of training
Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German and English Subtitles
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human foundations course

Our Human Foundations (HF) certification course builds upon the groundwork of the 10-Week Online Course.

FP Corrective Exercises
Ground Roots To Human Functionality
Understand Your Biomechanics
Get Better Client Results
Improve Your Own Biomechanics
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Human Bio-Mechanics Specialist

Become a key player in the revolution that is flipping the fitness industry right side up.

Advanced FP Correctives
Gait Cycle Analysis
Advanced Dynamic Movements
Access to Practitioners Portal
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