Stop with the guessing and the constant injuries to your body. Discover the blueprint to transforming your movement with Functional Patterns! Take control of your body and biomechanics now!

What makes FP different than all the other functional training fads out there?

We train organisms in relation to their biological characteristics.

Sound a bit complicated? Well, not really when you think about it.

At a basic level it means whatever animal you choose to train, you do it with the foremost goal of optimizing its primary functions. Fish swim, birds fly, and dogs walk on four legs. What do humans do?

Standing, walking, running, and throwing were the four most important movements for human survival.

These movements are what experts characterize as bipedal and revolve around the contralateral reciprocation of the arms and legs.

These are just fancy words to describe the motions that humans use to get from point A to point B.

What’s important is not necessarily to memorize these terms, but what it means for the application of fitness and exercise techniques aimed at optimizing your human biology!
Functional Patterns has gone through the rigorous process of taking these complicated ideas and made a functional training program around them that anyone can do.
The Functional Patterns Revolution

When it comes to the concept of fitness, there's hundreds of definitions for what’s functional and what's not…

The Functional Patterns Revolution

At FP, we’ve taken a first principle’s approach, shedding away all the ambiguities and getting down to what works. At the end of the day, we’re all human and our anatomical structures are similar enough that we all function in predictable and characteristic patterns.


By breaking it down into the most fundamental components, we define 'functional' on the shared functions that anthropologists say define our human species from every other animal on planet earth: The FP First Four — Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing.

The FP First Four – Stand, Walk, Run, and Throw

FP was designed to optimize the First Four human movements: Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing.

If you learn what it takes to precisely execute these movements to the highest degree, the benefits will transfer to literally every other movement you do.

Whether it be a passive position like sitting, an athletic position like cutting laterally, or any other movement configuration – optimizing these four functions means that you improve your entire movement spectrum. Instead of trading fitness for function or vice versa, you get both simultaneously!