Stop with the guessing and the constant injuries to your body. Discover the blueprint to transforming your movement with Functional Patterns! Take control of your body and biomechanics now!

Our Mission

Humans have been devolving over the last few thousand years. We came from being hunters and gatherers transitioning to farming and industrial work, to eventually being sedentary in the modern age.  It’s obvious to most that something's wrong with most peoples bodies today and that being sedentary isn’t good for them, but the question we have asked at Functional Patterns is what exactly we do to fix this problem? How do we undo so many imbalances that have been ingrained in us from our past?


Over the last 20 years, Founder & CEO Naudi Aguilar has been working on a method of addressing movement imbalances that specifically addresses this devolution we have collectively been experiencing. Every muscle in the body has a specific purpose, which connects directly to moving our bodies in space. Functional Patterns as a system reignites the body in a way that changes humans back to who we were before we devolved into our currently problematic state.


The mission of Functional Patterns has been to level the playing field, so to speak, between the small proportion of highly-skilled movers and the rest of the population. We have taken on the complex task of codifying the human blueprint of movement, and broken it down into small chunks of information that's easy to digest. By taking this approach we've helped people with debilitating conditions like Parkinson's Disease and Cerebral Palsy, to those suffering from chronic and acute pain, to world champion athletes and everyone in between.


We've made this system so anyone can enjoy the benefits of FP regardless of skill level or knowledge. This push for accessibility is a hallmark of our training system, breaking down complicated subject matter for the everyday person to utilize and improve upon in their daily lives. We bring symmetry and muscular balance to people enabling them to get out of pain, move better and prepare their bodies for life.


FP is known as a method that helps people address a broad range of conditions. As sophisticated as this all may sound, the way we solve these problems comes back to understanding a very basic primal source code to human movement. Humanity has lost its capacity to move like it should. Our mission at FP is not just to meet what our potential used to be in nature, but to also go beyond who we were at our physical best!