We Get Results, Where Other Systems Fail

We're known for our consistent results. When Naudi Aguilar first became a movement specialist, he set out to create a system that works for everyone. Most approaches only provide benefit to a small subset of the population, although FP works across the board on a long term basis. From people with Stage 5 Parkinson’s Disease, to knee pain or sciatica, to pro athletes and everyone in between. Unlike the competition, we routinely showcase evidence to show you exactly what you can achieve before you give us a shot. Take a look below.

  • FP Is based on getting results

    Many claim that they can help you get out of chronic pain, overcome injury, and move well into old age. We would rather show you the evidence of what is possible when you do Functional Patterns Training.

  • FP Results are Life-Changing

    Once someone tries FP, they tend to stick around for life. Take a look at the reason why people are so adamant that Functional Patterns is Hands Down, the BEST way to train.

  • FP Is For Everyone

    From chronic pain to neurological conditions like Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson's disease, to degenerative disc disease, elite athletes to children and their grandparents in their 90's, FP helps people in all walks of life.

  • 70-Year old kicks chronic pain gets back to enjoying life with grandson

    Jimmy was riddled with injuries after a lifetime of labor as a farmer and multiple surgeries - both hip replacements, a left shoulder replacement, and a torn Achilles tendon.


  • Mother avoids hip surgery

    When we say FP is for everyone we mean it. Giulietta was diagnosed with a fractured labrum, hip dysplasia, and femoroacetabular impingement. 33% of the joint is arthritic due to the bone-on-bone friction in her hip.


  • He was 14 and couldn't walk or run without low back pains

    “Before I started training FP with Paul I had played tennis for 7 years. During that time my feet were in pain everyday, my knees would lock and I would be very heavy as I walked or run. It was one of my first issues resolved after starting with FP."


  • Restoring balance to the system to overcome chronic pain

    After FP, not only did the pain disappear, but I regained my active life. Pain during my menstrual cycle chonically cold hands and feet also improved.

  • I have more stability training Jiu Jitsu, and effortless power striking when doing Muay Thai.

    Divya is a Jiu-jitsu brown belt and muay thai martial artist. She wanted to see if FP could help her perform better. She was dealing with bad posture, a hip hike and an anterior pelvic tilt. She started with the 10 Week Online Program.


  • Jordan was not able to walk without being in pain

    Before FP, Jordan reported ankle pain was at a level 7 out of 10 and he could not walk without pain. He is now totally pain free and ran for the first time recently with no issues.


  • Pedro suffered a rare ischemic stroke in the basilar artery

    Through the practice of FP I’ve been able to step with more confidence and reliability. My shoulder is stronger and much more stable with no pain when I move my arm above my head. Functional Patterns has bettered my life significantly.



    Before FP, I felt almost paralyzed. This is the most effective training I have found in 17 years of having Parkinson's Disease. I recommend every one with this kind of disease to train FP


    Erica has gone to top therapists, chiropractors, and neurologists in the greater NYC area for 20 years. After 5 months of using only FP Training, she had a 90% reduction in neuropathy related muscle spasms and nerve pain.

  • FP has significantly helped my symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    The most profound changes have been in my pain levels around my right hip which was causing severe spasming in my right leg, as well as now almost non existent neck and lower back pain, and complete ease of tennis elbow symptoms on my left arm.

  • Chiara was dealing with dizziness and constant headaches which were a 9 out of 10 in pain levels

    She worked for 3 months exclusively doing Functional Patterns, and today, Chiara no longer suffers from headaches and dizziness.


  • Rudy’s physical life was being affected by CP but mostly his physiological state

    "I was told by the doctors that I should never load my body physically. Since I started doing FP, my physical condition has improved dramatically."


  • Before FP, Joe tried everything to improve the difficulties of living with CP

    He had constant pain in his shoulders, ankle, knee, hip, lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. One year in to FP and Joe can run/sprint without fear of falling. He regularly plays golf with his dad and works part time
    landscaping in his neighborhood.


  • Victor suffered from a traumatic brain injury losing movement and sensation in his left leg and arm

    We have seen improvement in his posture and Victor is experiencing less pain. I’ve seen him grow in confidence with his body, which is so important for me to see because I know he lost that confidence after his accident. We are truly happy we found FP!


  • 11 year old David making gains despite congenital muscular hypotonicity and joint hyper-mobility. 

    We have come across Functional Patterns while searching for a means to improve our son’s bad posture and other movement deficiencies. He was born with congenital muscular hypotonicity and joint hyper-mobility


  • FP Gains with Marfan Syndrome

    Very quickly after starting FP, I no longer had daily pain. My hips don’t go out of alignment. I no longer injure myself regularly as my body is strong. Functional Patterns has been a game changer and I can’t ever imagine going back.


  • Building Muscle with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    Ryan has a hypermobility condition known as EDS and found it challenging to build muscle. FP has helped him to build muscle while getting rid of shoulder, neck, back, and hip pain.


  • Addressing Anterior Pelvic Tilt

    Great work here by @seb_coello and client showing how FP can help someone get out of chronic neck and back pain by learning how to move better as a whole in ways that will improve their structure and posture for the long haul.

  • Overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anxiety, Torn Meniscus and Weight Loss

    Addressing weight loss, improving energy levels, controlling Rheumatoid Arthritis, improving balance, reducing knee pain and alleviating daily anxiety and depression, all at the same time.


  • Functional Patterns is nothing short of a miracle for me. I've been waiting for this my whole life

    Nothing has helped me before FP. Physical therapy never improved my back, and stretching that was recommended made the pain worse. Nothing that is recommended for people with scoliosis ever made a difference, and with my curve aggravating over time.


  • Polio left Blue feeling weak, unable to control her right leg and in Chronic pain.

    After 10 months of FP training, the pain in her shoulder, ankle, and knee disappeared. Her back pain reduced from 10 to 3. She is deeply moved by the changes FP has brought to her life.


  • From Hip Dysplasia and sciatica to pain free

    He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and his condition seemed to be getting worse as time went on. He also had sciatic issues that were intermittent but very debilitating when it was re-aggravated


  • Since integrating FP into my life I’ve seen nothing but positive results

    My pain levels have greatly reduced, my anxiety is much more manageable (close to non-existent most of the time), and depression by and large a thing of the past.  I sleep better, eat better, digest better, think better, and move better By following the FP protocols.


  • Electrician and Powerlifter uses FP to resolve chronic pain

    I was a competitive powerlifter for many years and the compression took its toll and left me with a lot of tightness and shooting pains down my leg. After FP, I now have zero back pain. I feel more athletic more flexible and I am able to train pain free.


  • Functional Patterns saved my life in so many ways!

    When I started doing FP, I was in pain all the time. Twelve months in… most days I’m pain-free now, I move with ease, I feel so much stronger and more confident within myself. I’m also back to my pre-pregnancy weight.


  • 73 Year old overcomes back pain with FP

    With weekly FP classes and MFR at home, She found that the pain and tightness in her lower back, shoulders, knees and sacroiliac joints disappeared.


  • In fewer than five FP sessions, my neck pain vanished, and I regained mobility!

    Having practiced weightlifting and strength training, I faced discomfort in my neck, shoulders, arms, waist, and knees. Now, training FP twice a week, I’m pain-free, confidently learning kickboxing with my transformed body, and feeling lighter.


  • When Victor started FP, he wasn’t able to stand for more than ten minutes without pain.

    He was diagnosed with a hernia touching the spinal cord, edema, bone decalcification, and cavities in two vertebrae. Since finding FP, he now trains 3-4 days a week has gone on multiple day backpacking trips and is back to work all without pain!


  • FP Helps 8 year bodybuilder get out of pain and build muscle

    Before FP, I had done 8 years weight training. I trained compound movements, like squat, deadlift, bench press, pull ups. as time went on, the discomfort and pains in my body became more and more obvious. Including neck, upper back , lower back and hip pain.


  • Pain free movement after 4 years of chronic knee pain and Arthritis

    In April 2016 I underwent a surgery followed by a standard rehab. Several months after the surgery and rehab the condition of my knee did not improve, the pain got worse, I was still unable to run and the limping persisted.


  • My knees knocked together when I walked and I also had constant low back pain

    Since Functional Patterns, I can move like I never have been able to before. Minimal if any pain, no puffiness, I HAVE AN ACTUAL ARCH IN MY FOOT and my toes actually stick (almost) straight out from my feet when I stand and walk- no more painful bunions.


  • 18 Year old avoids scoliosis surgery

    She came in with lumbar and neck pains, struggled to sit for long hours at school, and lacked the strength to stand with stability and balance for her favorite physical activities such as archery.


  • Actress Conquers Scoliosis

    "I was told by every doctor I met that surgery was my only option. My curvature was too advanced for a back brace."


  • Hairstylist overcomes 12 years of Back Pain in 15 sessions

    I have almost no back pain whatsoever. I can work comfortably all day without having to take a break to rest or stretch my back. My body isn’t exhausted by the afternoon. It’s given me as much relief mentally as it has physically.”


  • Frozen shoulder gains after 3 weeks of FP

    Salem was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. The pain was so intense that he had to stop all activity. After trying physiotherapy, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and yoga, nothing helped, until FP.


  • "Before FP, My Body Was Falling Apart"

    "I’m feeling much better with far less pains and a better understanding of what I need to work on to keep myself out of pain, and I’m able to run without worrying that I’ll be paying for it later on.”


  • Scoliosis improvements

    "For the first time, I experienced the ability to lift myself in an upright posture, feeling enhanced strength."


  • Pain free after Shoulder Tear

    Roy suffered a complete tear of his subscapularis and partial tear of his bicep tendon during a ring pull up in gymnastics at the start of 2018. After 3 months of FP, Roy is pain free and functioning well.


  • Regaining Arm Function after Nerve Damage

    I suffered important nerve damage especially at C5 and C6 resulting in a 91% loss in my right arm mobility. In 3 months of FP, I could lift my arm


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  • 10 Week program helped with my chronic pain and Anxiety


  • 10 week program review by a 30 year MMA and fitness professional


  • I was pain free within the first 3 days of week 1 of the 10 week program


  • Ex Yoga Instructor overcoming Hypermobility, Pain and Improving Sprinting


  • Veteran Overcomes Brain Trauma, Sciatica and Degenerative Disc Disease


  • Figure Skater Kicks Decades of Chronic Pain with FP


  • Scoliosis Improvements


  • Reclaiming Funciton at 80-Years Old


  • 5 years of back pain gone by Week 4 of the 10 Week Online Program!


  • Overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anxiety, Torn Meniscus and Weight Loss

    Mary Beth

  • "It saved my life, and I wouldn't be here today without Functional Patterns"


  • "I would not be a good wife, a good mother, and a good person to myself, if I wasn't doing FP on a daily basis"


  • "I was told by the doctors that I should never load my body physically. Since I started doing FP, my physical condition has improved dramatically."


  • "The most important thing to me is that I am functioning Pain Free and Functional Patterns has given me that."


  • “Surgeon recommendation was a full hip replacement. Since doing Functional Patterns, Everything is moving better.”


  • 6th Pregnancy and no Sciatica this time

  • I've had 4 knee surgeries and used the 10 week program to rehab the last one and I've never made a better decision

  • Really helping with lumbar pain and anterior pelvic tilt better than 7 years of physio

  • Week 4 completely removed the back pain that I've had for the last 5 years

  • This course brought more understanding of biomechanics than 3 years of Physio school

  • 10 week program brought about a massive decrease in pain and stiffness while the rest built strength where it's needed

  • I have found this course more informative than my whole 4 year degree.

  • Pain Free after 20 years

  • Pain Free after Car Accident

  • Just had my very first session, and I feel Amazing!!

  • Mother of 3 is now pain free by week 5 of the program!

  • Sciatica improvements from 10 week program

  • I have MS and week 3 provides the same benefit as high dose steroid treatment

  • Scapula winging improvements from 10-Week Program

  • Week 4 and addressing dense myofascial tissue

  • FP Changed my life!

  • My Body feels Freer in the first week

  • Pain reduction after first lesson

  • Starting the 10 week program was the best decision of my life!

  • 10 week program gave me more knowlege than any of the CPT's at a fraction of the cost

  • 43 year old mother of 2 shoulders no longer Pop out

  • This program made my hip pain disappear

  • Tried everything and FP is the best system by far

  • This has been a game changer for my lower back!

  • Crazy to see people an 88 year old with Parkinsons's disease and a child improving athletic performance using the same system!

  • 10 week program leads to better pain-free shoulder mobility

  • More applicable knowledge in 10 week program than my university degree

  • 10 week program took me from excruciating pain to being able to travel, hike, and dance with my niece

  • I broke my back in 3 places and after 20 years of being crippled, with FP the change in pain is dramatic

  • FP helps wrestler prepare for USA Wrestling US Open and work all day without pain

  • 10 week program remedied my hip pain of 5 years

  • Orthopedic Massage Therapist recommends 10 week program

  • the 10 week program was the only thing to remedy my sciatica and keep it away for good

  • Chiropractor uses 10 week program to heal from olympic lifting injuries

  • I had debilitating sciatica. Through utilizing FP Protocols I can now do plyometrics pain free

  • 10 week program helped with my sciatica and I no longer worry about seriously injuring myself again

  • 10 week program helped with Sciatica and it is still gone a year later

  • Surgery on both knees, sciatica, kyphosis, dislocated shoulders and could barely walk before FP

  • The 10 week program is already helping my sciatica and herniated L5-S1

  • Pain I thought I would be stuck with for the rest of my life melted away with the 10 week program

  • I'm in week 2 and already noticing improvements in my sciatica and plantar fasciitis

  • FP is the best system for rehab, fitness and sports that I have found

  • I had corrective surgery for scoliosis 25 years ago and was losing quality of life until I found FP

  • FP Has helped my shoulder, neck, and posture and helped build muscle

  • FP Helped me eliminate shoulder, back, hip, and neck pain. I am completely out of pain for 2.5 years

  • I tried everything from doctors, physical therapy, chiropractor searching for months and noting was effective until FP

  • My shoulders were always in pain. After the 10 week program I hae much more range of motion and am almost pain free

  • FP is helping me get more athletic, and develop muscle mass

Don’t let discomfort stop you from taking control of your body

Get started with Functional Patterns today!

The 10 Week Online Program

Designed to help you eliminate chronic pain by unlocking muscle stiffness, improving your posture, and strengthening muscles. This program is a great starting point for people with any discomfort that prevents them from working out.

Don’t let discomfort stop you from taking control of your body

Get started with Functional Patterns today!

The 10 Week Online Program

Designed to help you eliminate chronic pain by unlocking muscle stiffness, improving your posture, and strengthening muscles. This program is a great starting point for people with any discomfort that prevents them from working out.