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About Us

The conceptual framework of Functional Patterns was first established in 2009 by CEO and Founder Naudi Aguilar. The notion of training in relation to an organism's biological characteristics was borne out of this framework, and after stringent testing and diligent research, the Functional Patterns methodology was created. Drawing from anthropology, kinesiology, biology, sociology, physiology and more — Functional Patterns has taken an integrative approach to its practice since inception.


The mission of Functional Patterns has been to level the playing field, so to speak, between the small proportion of highly-skilled movers and the majority of what's been referred to as "Average Jane's/Joe's". We have taken on the arduous task of codifying the human blueprint of biomechanical movement to bridge this divide — reformulating the human body's affective movement capabilities to access kinesthetic intelligence beyond the supposed "innate" inclinations of an individual's movement capacities. In laymen's terms, we've made it so any human can enjoy the benefits of FP regardless of skill level or knowledge. This push for accessibility is a hallmark of our training system, breaking down complicated subject matter for the everyday person to utilize and improve upon in their daily lives. We bring symmetry and muscular balance to people enabling them to move better, look better, and feel less pain on a general basis.


Through the economization of movement, Functional Patterns is making our mission a reality, evidenced by the numerous results that FP practitioners have developed in themselves and their clients across the globe. And this is just the beginning... With the accumulating case studies of clients and practitioners, the academic research being conducted into FP, and the everyday people who employ our practice daily, Functional Patterns is becoming the new industry standard of human health and fitness. Ultimately, the future we want is one of health, regeneration, and sustainability. The power to bring about this future is with all of us.