Practitioners Policy

After qualifying as Human Foundations Practitioner (HF):

  • Can state you are a ‘Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner’ or “FP HF Practitioner” on your social media accounts, both Instagram and Facebook.
  • This can only be stated on the Bio section of their Instagram account and not the Name or User name.
  • Can state you are a ‘Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner’ or “FP HF Practitioner” on your website (if you have one) and state that you use FP as a training method.
  • Prohibited to do the following:
    • Use FP logo as their display picture on social media accounts.
    • Use the FP logo to make apparel, clothing, business cards, flyers, documents, use within a non-FP gym and for self advertising purposes.
    • Create an FP Instagram, Facebook or YouTube social media account.
    • Create an FP website.

After qualifying as a Human Biomechanics Specialist  (HBS1):

  • After completing HBS1, participants are required to sign the Functional Patterns Licence Agreement.
  • It is not compulsary to sign the Licence Agreement but if you do not it will impede you from being educated further with us.
  • A compulsory Instagram account must be opened as @firstname_lastname after completing the HBS Course.
  • This will serve as your Instagram account to use during your probation period of 6 – 12 months, with this account you must still adhere to all guidelines laid out in the practitioners manual
  • Prohibited to do the following:
    • Using the FP logo to make apparel, clothing, business cards, flyers, documents, use within a non-FP gym and for self advertising purposes..

Social Media Account Policy:

  • Practitioners shall not share, disclose or make available FP methods and techniques online BEFORE any such methods and techniques are officially shared, disclosed or made available online by FP
  • Liking content, following pages and posting content that contradict FP training methodology and ethos is not permitted from your FP social media account.
  • Ensure your focus on posting content that orients around results, dynamic movements or reposts of other practitioners content.
  • When posting on social media, trade secrets and content learned at respective courses, must be kept offline.
  • Tempos of FP movements must ensure segmentation cannot be seen. Ensure the loading phase of a motion is faster that 0.6 seconds.
  • General insight on biomechanics can be given on posts, although steer clear from explaining techniques.

Cross Promotion Policy:

**This is to ensure that you don’t use your FP licensed social media accounts as a launching pad for your own or any other existing brands page**

  • Cannot publicly state that you (person qualified) are a certified HBS practitioner on your own business or personal social media pages which are not FP owned accounts.
  • You can only list that you are an FP HBS practitioner on your FP social media account which are licensed to you by FP.
  • If you have an existing business or brand, this is to be kept completely separate from your FP branded page. Nothing to do with any existing branding or branding that isn’t FP is to be showcased on FP social media accounts.
  • If you are practicing FP from a non-FP gym, please don’t tag your location as this will breach the cross promotion policy. Although you are welcome to list the training address on your social media accounts, without using the brand name.

State, City & Town Representation:

  • Must be a minimum of HBS2 to be eligible for representation at this level.
  • Country, city, state and town representatives will be chosen by FP or individuals can apply to be in those positions; their results, behavior and competence would have to be assessed by FP.  Application can be made by emailing
  • Geographical location social media accounts will have practitioners associated to them. Practitioner running the account will be identified in the bio/description of the account.
  • It is optional for practitioners who are associated with geographical location accounts to set up their own personal FP account, for example: fp_brasil & fp_bruno.

Other Considerations:

  • If Naudi hasn’t discussed something publicly online, you have no grounds to discuss these concepts or topics publicly.
  • It is best for practitioners to be concerned about their own practice and themselves, not what FP does from a business standpoint.
  • Look at people within FP as collaborators and people that can help you.
  • Ensure you give each other props.
  • Focus on contributing, not measuring up and competing with people within the community.
  • Compete with yourself and measure yourself with yourself, not those around you.

NDAs and Training Clients:

It is mandatory for HBS Practitioners to have all of their clients sign the FP NDA agreement. This must be done through the app to enable cross checking clients with the banned list and flag anyone who cannot be trained.