Social Media Conduct Policy

FP has a zero tolerance on cyber bullying aand harassment, there is a one strike rule with no exceptions. If we’re informed that you have breached at least one of the below rules after being certified as a Human Foundations practitioner (HF) or a Human Biomechanics Specialist (HBS), your certifications will be revoked and you will be banned from future courses indefinitely. For those who aren’t certified yet, please note that this will also be taken into consideration for the selection process when filtering through applications for our in person courses.

  • No publicly badmouthing individuals on your platform
  • No criticism on another person’s platform in any way
  • Intimidating or offensive language is prohibited
  • Leaving passive aggressive comments on someone else’s FB, IG or social media platform
  • Private messaging anybody with anything that is offensive, questioning or forcefully pushing FP onto them
  • If people decide to chime in on your social media platforms, be sure to address concepts and topics
  • No ad-hominem attacks, which is responding to a person’s argument by attacking the persons character rather than the logic or content of the argument

Unfortunately people are looking for any reason to detract from the results we put fourth, which is why we maintain a strict code of conduct when it comes to social media. If someone is given an opportunity to use a red-herring, they will use it, the above will ensure that people address the results and have no excuses not to.

If you feel one of our certified practitioners have breached this policy, please send over an email with the specific screenshots of the comments or conversation of their breach to and we will address this matter accordingly.