Christopher's Case Study

Christopher's Case Study


Functional Patterns has changed Christopher forever!

Since a friend introduced the Functional Patterns training method to Christopher earlier this year (2021) his life changed forever. Sadly he had been struggling with grief and depression alongside a pre-existing biomechanical dysfunction that resulted in fatigue, loss of deep intercostal connection and atrophy to the left side of his body.

Christopher noticed a change to his body the very first day he tried FP. He has found that Functional Patterns meticulous approach has been the biggest aid to his personal healing. He now has more awareness, balance and strength. 

After working through our online course material he found each course has given him new inspiration and insight to help him on his journey to better, more efficient and pain free function.

Until next time, this is Functional Patterns reminding you to Live Intentionally, Not Habitually

-Functional Patterns: 'We Take the Guesswork Out Of Taking Care of Your Body'™
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