Daisy's Experience

Daisy's Experience

Within 3 months I was completely pain-free

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FP - What issues was your body experiencing that led you to explore Functional Patterns as a solution?

Daisy - "I've had back pains for the last 15 years and after two burnouts and a collision/accident my body was calcified all over the place.
Tried to fix it with strength training and physical therapy, of course nothing worked (for long). I thought my pain was just something I had to live with. But it kept getting worse.. Then I remebered FP and start looking into this training system."

FP - What main FP courses/tools did you find the most helpful?

Dasiy - "The 10 week course without a doubt! But the Power of Posture was a great addition to the course. It complemented each other well.
I bought the Functional Training Program as well, but the all the major gains and most of all no pains, were made during the 10 week course."

FP - How far were you into the program before you began seeing results?

Daisy - After 2,5 months I made new pictures of my posture. That's when I saw HUGE results in my body! Within 3 months I was COMPLETELY pain free. No more back pains after 15 years!!

FP - What’s the biggest difference between your body then and your body now?

Daisy - I have a much better understanding of what my body is capable of. In the past I would say 'I can't help it, it's just the way it is, the way I was born' or something like that. Now I know for a fact that everything is possible with FP! Pain is not something we should learn to live with. That's what I was tough the majority of my life. 'It's just part of it'
So my body feels like a new body! No pain a whole lot of gains. I never looked better in my life. Without any effort. I don't even train as much or hard as I used to.

FP - What other methods did you try besides Functional Patterns?

Daisy - I did fitness since I was 15 years old. The last 3 years before FP I did traditional strength training.
For my pain I would see a physical therapist or later on an osteopath. 

FP - What’s your favorite part about the FP program?

Daisy - It changed my whole life! Not just my movement and training, but my lifestyle made a 180 turn. Food, sleep, rest, light, mindset, everything changed for the better. I'm becoming more and more balanced as a whole. I'm a better wife, I'm a better coach and I'm a better person in general. All thanks to FP!

FP - Did you partake in in-person or online FP training?

Daisy - No not untill just now.

FP - Would you recommend FP to a friend or family member?

Daisy - As a Personal Trainer I changed my business thanks to FP. I just couldn't keep on going with the traditional training and movement shit. So all of my clients are taking the red pill since last year! 
Even my wife and my father are really into it. And getting great results of course. FP is not just something I believe in, it is who and how I am. It felt like coming home.. to a family with a crazy amount of knowledge.
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