Family Health & Fitness Day

Family Health & Fitness Day

Family health & fitness day promotes physical activity and health with your loved ones.

At FP we understand that we share genes with our family. But, we have found that many of us are not aware that the everyday habits we develop may come from our families as well. 

Movement patterns tend to spread between family members when they live in the same household, which means that it can be hard to break out of unhealthy patterns when everyone else is doing it. 

Thankfully, FP is here to remind us that we can overcome dysfunctional patterns in a way that can help put family health and fitness first. 

Instead of ignoring the fact that our tendencies rub off on our loved ones, let's embrace it! Let’s learn how to make sure we can pass down great posture and movement to our families by way of emulation. 

How to celebrate Family Health and fitness day:

  • Go on a family outdoor adventure!
  • With the colder months right around the corner. Today is a great day to get outdoors for a family hike or day at the park for some fun and a healthy snack.

  • Teach your family some FP!
  • If you have already learned some FP then today is a great day to pass down information that could benefit your family for the long haul. Teach your family some FP myofascial release or some FP basics to make sure they can start enjoying the benefits you have been given.

  •  Learn something to increase your knowledge!
  • If you haven't already begun learning how to improve your fitness and health perhaps this day can be the start of something great. Grab someone and schedule 15 mins to visit the FP youtube page. Scroll through some of our videos and click on what grabs your attention. Sit down and watch a few videos outside somewhere and see what you can learn from a quick sit down with FP.

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