How Oliver regained functional movement with FP

How Oliver regained functional movement with FP

Oliver was first introduced to Functional Patterns by a colleague 9 years ago, when he began working as a London-based personal trainer. After reading The Power of Posture, Warn enrolled in the 10-Week Online Course. 

“Although I managed to correct a lot of dysfunctions from The Power of Posture, I hadn’t realized some still remained.”

Warn still suffered from a clicking right knee, a slight knee varus on his right leg, and a left rib cage rotation. 

4 weeks into our 10-Week Online Course, Oliver began noticing an improvement in his alignment from an anterior and lateral view, improved TVA activation, and thoracic extension. As for the clicking in his knee, it disappeared altogether.

Ever since, Warn has been able to implement FP’s knowledge to heal his own body dysfunctions as well as his clients.  

“FP teaches you the tools, but it doesn’t give you the answer. You must put in the work yourself and figure out where you are going wrong.”

Until next time, this is Functional Patterns reminding you to Live Intentionally, Not Habitually. 

-Functional Patterns: 'We Take the Guesswork Out Of Taking Care of Your Body'™
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