How Tony Got His Groove Back

How Tony Got His Groove Back


Tony came to FP with a history of doing 15+ years of yoga. After all that he was lacking core tension as he dealt with a bloated and protruded abdomen. 

After 1 year of training FP he is reaping the rewards at the age of 57! Hear what he has to say about his experience:

“The deficient posture described in Power of Posture (from excess sitting) is exactly the condition I have tried to fix for 20 years, to reduce pain & enjoy life more fully. I have finally found the answer.

After just 1 year of FP, I have significantly improved the overall flaccid conditions in my structure, increased core strength & created more tensegrity balance.  

Best of all, these changes are integrating into my posture & gait.  I feel younger, have very little pain & am significantly more functional- all at age 57! A recent physical showed a significant jump in testosterone, compared to the prior reading 3 years earlier.

I believe FP workouts & lifestyle created this result. I am excited to continue addressing structural deficiencies & am stunned at how fast FP improves my movement & life.

In 1 year, FP has moved my life strongly in a better direction- I am a more functional Human!”



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