Michael's Case Study

Michael's Case Study

My Pectoralis Pain Alleviated Within Two Months


Michael found Functional Patterns after dealing with years of residual pain from spondylothesis, which included pain in the lower back, hip, and leg pain/sciatica. With a sharp pain in his right shoulder and both pectoralis on a daily basis, Michael thought he had to live with the pain — something he became accustomed to since a young age after contracting Lyme disease which left him with aching joints, migraines, and tinnitus. After implementing the 10 Week Online Course, combined with his 1-on-1 personal training sessions with FP HBS Practitioner Alexander Lambert, he began to feel his pain alleviate within just two months after starting his training.

He reported after almost two years of training inconsistently (because of the pandemic and school) he now has none of the previously mentioned pains; including the migraines, aching joints, and tinnitus. As a firefighter, where making an air cylinder last as long as possible is extremely important, he's noticed a significant increase in how long he can breathe on just one cylinder and not have to abandon his duties to change it. Additionally, he stated he does not have pain after long training weekends, or in his classes when he wears 70+ pounds of firefighting equipment.

Michael noted the biggest difference in his body between then and now is his muscular development in the the lats and glutes, as well as having a more comfortable posture. He devoted his training solely to FP, and used no other methods to achieve his results.

Michael attributed his success to how the FP program is taught in a way that anyone can learn, and personally felt the training to be very effective for him whether online or in person — coming highly recommend to his friends, family, and newcomers alike!

We appreciate the feedback, Michael! Thanks!

Until next time this is Functional Patterns reminding you to Train Intentionally, Not Habitually.


-Functional Patterns: 'We Take the Guesswork Out Of Taking Care of Your Body'™
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