Moustafa Case Study

Moustafa Case Study

I have recommended FP to all my friends and family

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FP - What issues was your body experiencing that led you to explore Functional Patterns as a solution?

Moustafa - I had very poor posture, severe pain in my lumbar spine, hip pain, shoulder and neck pain, constant headaches, knee and ankle pains, and wrist/elbow pains. My muscles were extremely tight, mainly the adductor, neck, shoulder, and calf muscles. The pain was constant and unbearable, making it difficult to move. These issues were exacerbated through wrestling and jiu jitsu. The pains I have had started 6 years ago and have stuck with me until last year when I had switched to FP.
The lumbar spinal issues were so bad that I was unable to do basic tasks, such as climbing up ladders at work or walking up stairs without pain. It would take me 15 minutes to be able to get out of bed every morning. I was only able to walk or stand for about 20 minutes before I would feel pain in my lower back. Eventually, I broke my leg during wrestling practice which was the last straw before I decided to switch to FP.
FP - What main FP courses/tools did you find the most helpful?

Moustafa - So far I only have the 10-week course, I'm only 7 weeks into it and it has made a tremendous difference in my life, I've seriously underpaid given the information and help I have received from it.
FP - How far were you into the program before you began seeing results?

Moustafa - About 2 weeks into week 4 of the 10-week course I saw and felt the results, my posture had gotten much better and the lumbar spine pains I've had for 5 years completely disappeared.
FP - What’s the biggest difference between your body then and your body now?

Moustafa - How I feel: I can move in much more directions, feeling little to no pain doing so, I can easily climb up ladders and walk for much longer than I would before. The headaches are gone, and I have much better gut health. I'm slowly getting back into running as I can almost do it without issues. My strength has also gone up as I don't take any more damage whenever I have to lift anything heavy and I am able to use more of my posterior chain to do so.
As a result, my mental health has gotten better as well since I am no longer limited as much as I was before.
FP - What other methods did you try besides Functional Patterns?

Moustafa - I have tried traditional weightlifting, yoga/stretching, CBD/other pain relief creams, CBD oil ($120), turmeric supplements, physiotherapy (~$500), massage (~$600), dry needling, anterior pelvic tilt/kyphosis exercises posted by fitness youtube channels, cupping, hot and cold therapy, and guasha.
None of these methods gave me any relief at all. 
FP - What’s your favorite part about the FP program?

Moustafa - My favourite part about FP is that it gives real results, and in a very quick time. In just 2 weeks I made more progress than I have in the previous 5 years trying to fix my issues.
FP - Did you partake in in-person or online FP training?

Moustafa - Yes, I have been to 3 in-person sessions with an HBS 1 certified practitioner (Benjamin Thornton) so far and plan to go more. I was helped to a great extent with my hip and knee issues from him.

FP - Would you recommend FP to a friend or family member?

Moustafa I have recommended FP to all my friends and family due to the similarity in issues. It's too good of a system to not do so.
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