Nik Madhok's Case Study

Nik Madhok's Case Study

15 Years Later I Can Run Again and Feel Great Doing It



Before Functional Patterns, Nik tried everything to get rid of his sacrum and low-back pain. On top of it he had pain in his left toe, spasms in his neck, and overall fatigue in his body. Nik decided to start seeing a chiropractor routinely, and had gone to numerous physical therapists in hopes to address the pain and discomfort he was feeling.

He went from method to method in hopes of finding relief: trying cupping, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, online postural programs, and more. Nothing seemed to solve the problem for good. Sometimes Nik would see improvements, but the vast majority of the time the results wouldn't last long, and sometimes new problems would pop up or come back even worse than before.

Eventually, Nik decided to dive into FP, where he started his training at Functional Patterns Melbourne with Human Biomechanics Specialist Fiachra Eviston two times per week. Now after 2 years of FP training, Nik reports that he has completely removed all his his pains!

Now I can clean the house or go for a walks all without pain. I know I’m still dealing with dysfunctions, and occasionally something may pop up, but I know I can deal with it. I’ve got the tools and the knowledge to navigate my body better, and I’ve got the crew here in Melbourne to keep guiding me... I’ve always enjoyed running as a kid and I had to stop. Now 15 years later, I can run again and I can feel great doing it. Thank you.


Thank you Nik and Fiachra for putting in the huge effort that it takes to make these kinds of changes. We appreciate you guys sharing your progress with us, and we look forward to hearing more as you continue down the road to functionality. You have our support! Cheers!

Until next time, this is Functional Patterns reminding you to Train Intentionally, Not Habitually.

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