Posture, Pain and Body language

Posture, Pain and Body language

Have you ever heard the saying, “You wear your heart on your sleeve” or “Your body language shapes who you are.”

What these sayings are communicating is that our body language is a clear indication of our current emotional, mental and physical state.

Think about the last time you saw a dog limping around or walking in an awkward way, what did you think? Exactly, “Awe, that dog is hurt.” Without the dog needing to communicate verbally to you it was clear through his body language that it was injured, sad or not in an optimal state of being.

The same goes with humans. Our body language tells a story. 

One of the biggest indicators of our well being as humans is the way we stand and move. Our posture tells the tale of our physical and mental state. 

There have been many studies on the complex topic of body language or non verbal communication with varying results but most experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is non verbal.

A big chunk of how the world views and perceives you comes down to your non verbal communication. So, how does the world view you?

One last saying for you. “Stand up straight and pin your shoulders back.” This commonly said to most of us with poor posture. But if that worked then everyone around you would have great posture but if you take a look, it's clearly not the case.

If you want to have better posture then read the next sentence.

Having good posture relates closer to how well you move instead of how you sit or stand.

In fact if you can move impeccably then odds are the new “smoking” many call sitting will do very little to affect your posture. 

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