Ting's Case Study

Ting's Case Study

After 6 Months of FP Training, Ting Transformed Her Body and Her Habits

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Before starting Functional Patterns, Ting would always feel anxious due to the every day struggle of life and work. As a result, she had a tendency to overeat and oversleep, which helped her mitigate her anxious feelings in the short term. Somehow though she still felt tired, and over time she developed chronic pain in her back and her feet.

Thanks to her brother who introduced FP to her, Ting got started with FP Human Foundation Practitioner Wang Wen Hsuan, known to her clients as Mini, who first taught Ting how to stand and walk correctly.

After 6 months of training, Ting has made huge progress using the FP method under Mini's instruction. Having lost 20kg of weight, Ting's body now feels less compressed, and states that her anxiety and pain has significantly decreased!

Ting says,

Now I don't overeat to compensate my anxiety anymore. I've cut 20 kilograms from my weight. My posture is better. My pain has decreased. Thanks to Functional Patterns and also thanks to my trainer!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Ting! We look forward to the continual progress you make with Mini!

Until next time, this is Functional Patterns reminding you to Live Intentionally, Not Habitually.

-Functional Patterns: 'We Take the Guesswork Out Of Taking Care of Your Body'™
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