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I founded Functional Patterns because I knew there had to be a better way to train. The standard “no pain, no gain” mentality perpetuates an outdated belief that to “get fit” you had to endure achy joints and stuff muscles. But I wanted a training regimen that did the opposite-so I created one myself. 

Decades of exhaustive research taught me that we, as trainers, needed to go back to the basics: the human body’s biomechanics. By learning the ins and outs of your body’s foundation, you can address and fix structural deficiencies we all unintentionally embody during standard workouts. You can teach your muscles to move in a way where pain doesn’t even enter the equation. And you can feel your body rebalance itself over time.

Choose the efficient path toward reaching your health and fitness goals, and Functional Patterns will be there to support you every step of the way.



In Phase 1, you'll start your journey towards moving with better function by learning some of the most important self "myofascial release" (MFR) techniques that we employ at Functional Patterns. This type of release technique is essentially a form of self-massage intended to bring hydration back into your muscle and fascial tissues. 

At a basic level, well-hydrated fascia promotes better overall muscle function, which in turn translates to better movement and less of an inclination towards pain. On the other hand, de-hydrated fascia not only causes myofascial adhesions on the body, but prevents us from moving at our best. 

Over time, these adhesions can lead towards imbalances and restrictions that impede our daily function. With more than 25 releases demonstrated in this phase of the course, you'll get hydration back into the tissues where you need it most, and give your body the release it needs to start moving with more fluidity.


Phase 2 centers around postural training and its application. From this point forward, you will begin the process of learning how to identify important postural landmarks on the body, as well as how to implement corrective exercise with the intent of promoting more muscular balance. 

This phase will tackle specifically the "Standing Neutral Position" (SNP). Keep in mind, the aim here is not necessarily to achieve a "perfect posture." There are quite literally an infinIte amount of variations and interpretations of "bad" and "perfect" posture, so rather than focusing on ambiguities, we'll show you concrete ways of improving your posture for the better. 

In Phase 2 of this training program you will learn the types of pressure, joint positioning, and muscular engagement you'll need in order to move you towards having a more balanced structure.


In the final phase of this program, we guide you through the foundational exercises that we employ in our training program to optimize human function. 

Covering 20 exercise over 5 weeks, you'll learn how to execute these techniques in order to get the utmost benefit out of each and every one. The benefit you receive from these movements will be part of a cumulative process as you combine all of what you've learned from the previous phases with Phase 3.

By implementing the culmination of this program into your routine as a daily fitness practice, you will be joining thousands of others like you who are putting in the hard work to improve their movement on a general basis. Let us #MakeHumansFunctionalAgain together!

The 10-Week Online Course

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Equipment Needed

  • Can be completed from home
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