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Functional Patterns Unlocking The Shoulder and Scapula - MFR of Rhomboids and Trapezius

A 30-day challenge on myofascial release by Naudi Aguilar can help reduce pain and anxiety, correct imbalances in the body, and provide insight into functional patterns.


Functional Patterns Squat Without Knee and Lower Back Pain

The video tutorial by Naudi Aguilar teaches how to modify the squat to prevent knee and lumbar spine pain. While the squat is popular, it is not the most important exercise, and other movements such as unilateral, rotation, and extension/flexion should be prioritized to prepare for the movements humans use most.


Basic Core Conditioning - Mastering the Plank

This video teaches proper plank exercise techniques to improve core stability, posture, and overall movement patterns in daily life.


Low Back and Hip Pain

This video demonstrates a myofascial release technique using a ball and wall that can help relieve tightness and improve the function of the gluteus medius muscle, which can be affected by sitting for extended periods of time.


Functional Training Circuit

This video provides information on functional training that incorporates all planes of motion and demonstrates exercises using equipment such as dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands to improve overall body movement patterns and train the body in relation to contralateral reciprocation.


Biggest SHOULDER Training/Rehab Mistakes

Johnny from Functional Patterns discusses common shoulder training mistakes, including isolated shoulder presses, over-retracting the shoulder blades, and overdoing bilateral pressing motions, and explains the importance of integrating shoulder motions with the rib cage and the rest of the body for functional training.

Functional Patterns Unlocking The Shoulder and Scapula

Release tight tissues

Learn how to use a ball to release hypertonic muscles and correct imbalances in the body


and movement patterns with proper plank technique and muscle activation.

Enhance functional training

by incorporating all planes of motion and linking the shoulder with the rest of the body.

Reduce anxiety

and physical pain with ball releases, correct imbalances, and daily videos.


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