Concepts Covered

5 lessons

  • Standing Neutral

    • Building upon our 10 week program, we will prepare you to take standing into a more dynamic context.
  • Athletic Weight Transfer & Hip Hinging

    • The main difference between an athlete and an average joe is the ability to efficiently transfer weight and hinge at the hips. We teach you how to make this come naturally.

  • Weighted FP Planks

    •  If you think planks are just for the core, you are in for a big surprise with these upgraded FP Planks.
  • FP Sit-ups

      • When done wrong, sit-ups will crush your spine, The FP sit-up takes your spine through a full range of motion that will fatigue your core in ways you've never felt before.

    • Transverse Twist Variations

        • As humans our body was designed to rotate. This lesson teaches you to connect your upper and lower body through your core leading to a improved athletic potential.