Week 1

  • What is Myofascial Release?

    • Stretching may do more harm than good, and contributes to chronically tight muscles. Discover better alternatives to improving flexibility and range of motion.

  • Overcome the effects of sitting and desk posture:

    • This week covers the precise release sequence that you need to reverse the effects of long days at the office.

Week 2

  • Longitudinal Compression:

    • Joint Compression is one of the leading causes of pain. Decompress your body to stop gravity from smashing your joints and begin rebounding against it.

  • Deep Tissue Release:

    • Dive into the releases that will have your deepest muscle restrictions melting away.

Week 3

  • Systems VS Symptoms:

    • You’ve tried the isolated mobilizations and joint distractions, yet your discomfort is still there. Discover why chasing after symptoms never works and get at the root cause with systematic training.

  • Muscular Hydration:

    • Achieving better muscle hydration will help you to address postural dysfunctions and optimize your movement.

  • Precision Release and targeted relief:

    • Advanced pinpoint release techniques that address the body from head to foot.