Week 5

  • Core Strength:

    • Most people are missing key variables when it comes to training the core. These exercises are the link you never knew you were missing.

  • Intra-abdominal pressurization

    • Should you brace your core or not? These exercises show you how to use abdominal pressurization to reduce your risk of injury and decompress your spine.

Week 6

  • Breathing:

    • Belly breathing VS chest breathing? These are the breathing techniques that help correct posture and improve performance.

  • Thoracic extension:

    • If you have rounded shoulders and are stuck in a hunchback posture, then you don’t want to miss these exercises!

Week 7

  • Addressing pelvic imbalance:

    • Have you been told you have an Anterior or Posterior Pelvic Tilt? If so, this week is just what you need to correct pelvic imbalance.

  • Posterior Chain and the Hamstrings

    • Get at the root cause of tight hamstrings with these lessons.

  • Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex Stability and Unilateral Movement:

    • Most training programs fail to account for instability in the pelvis that leads to jarring of the lumbar spine when you walk or run.

Week 8

  • Training the Glutes:

    • The Glutes evolved to help humans become one of the most efficient sprinters in the animal kingdom. Learn how to achieve proper hip extension and build powerful Glutes!

Week 9

  • Rotation and transverse movement:

    • Rotation is a crucial piece of all athletic movement, yet most programs avoid training this key function. This week will teach you to properly sequence your rotation and exponentially reduce the risk of injury.

Week 10

  • Contralateral reciprocation:

    • This week puts everything together with exercises that are designed to get both sides of your body working together synergistically.