Betsy's Case Study

Betsy's Case Study

I tried physical therapy, I tried yoga!

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Betsy Garrity shares her experience training with one of our certified practitioners. 


"My name is Betsy Garrity. I am 51 years old from Mandeville Louisiana. My experience so far has been tremendous because I mean, I'm out of pain. Like, I don't wake up in pain anymore and that just really blows my mind considering I really thought that that was just the downhill of ageing.

I've always had low back pain and hip flexor issues, everything felt tight. Like I was constantly sitting down. And when I go to stand up, I would have to walk very slowly first till I can stand upright. I kind of stopped doing everything and I kind of just had given up and just resounded myself to this is what happens when you get old. I just think I'm going to live the rest of my life in pain and then my son kept telling me, no Mom, you don't have to live in pain.

I tried physical therapy. I tried yoga! I've tried Chiropractic. I tried dry needling. I tried massage, I tried all kind of things to get rid of hip flexor, pain and low back pain.

It took about three weeks to 4 weeks before I woke up and it just shocked me that I was like, wait, nothing hurts, like, wait, like I laid in bed and nothing hurt after about four weeks, I would say. And after that, I was sold, I don't wake up and hobble around like an old person. Now, I'm just a lot more energetic and Lively because I'm not always suffering in constant pain. So, it's, it's made a tremendous difference for me, you know, I would encourage anyone to reach out and, and try to get some help because it doesn't have to be that you get old, and you have to suffer and just break down and Decay. You can actually age gracefully who'd a thought, but it really can happen. Whoever thought I would run on a treadmill and not anything hurt nothin like the knees don't hurt my back doesn't hurt nothing hurts. Like it's shocking that I could barely walk and being happy in constant pain all day and then after months of doing this with consistent hard work coming, only two times a week driving, 45 minutes to get here across the causeway. I can Jog and run with no pain to me. That was worth it. 
The original goal was to get out of pain, but now it's time to go up a notch."
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