David Kessler Case Study

David Kessler Case Study

In less than 2 weeks decades of pain was gone!

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As a young teen in the 1970’s I began lifting weights as a means to gain strength and size. My diligence paid off and I kept to this modality of training well into my latter 40’s. Strength, in the narrow contest of classic lifts, and hypertrophy continued to improve. In time however I began to experience significant pain in my right shoulder and left knee. Unaware that my revered training regimen was the cause of my muscular and structural imbalances, I continued on and worked through the pain, optimistic that the next program, technique, or bit of advice would correct the problem. The results were always the same: pain and dysfunction. When the nerves in my right shoulder finally “shut down” the muscular contractions during a moderate-weight bench press in autonomic reaction to protect the joint, I knew I had a bigger problem. The good news, I was now open new ideas. It was then I met Naudi on YouTube.

I was reluctant at first to commit to the Functional Patterns 10 Week Course. I was a great fan of Naudi’s YouTube videos, in particular anything he did regarding core work. Other exercises left me baffled. What wasn’t baffling was his explanations as to why I might be suffering with pain. It wasn’t the cost of the program that slowed me down (here’s a plug: it’s great value!!), it was my fear that one more sincere attempt to rid my pain would fail. And I spent years trying. But, nothing else had worked, so I jumped in with both feet!

In less than 2 weeks decades of pain was gone!! This is truth! Oh, it wasn’t easy!! There were times I was sweating, shaking, and whimpering on that cursed lacrosse ball! But, I listened to Naudi’s instruction to “seek out the pain” and breath through it. I felt knotted tissues release (some older than my adult children), and I wasn’t sorry to see them go! (...the knots, of course.) The pain was gone, gone!!

Having freed the tissues allowing non-compensatory movement to avoid pain, the 10 Week FP Course lead to exercises designed to re-wire my body to properly “move” again. My body shook as dormant muscles and firing patterns were restored to functionality! But, and this is huge, my movements didn’t return to their previous dysfunctional state! My posture, gait, and exercise now facilitate a stronger, healthier version of myself, not torn down as it once did!

I’m grateful to be pain free and exercising like Spartan in my 60’s.

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