Integrate don't Isolate!

Integrate don't Isolate!

Isolation vs. Integration

If you’re looking to boost your overall fitness, a large part of this will consist of improving your movement. To do this you will need to first identify how you should be moving in the first place. 

Simply take a look around you and watch other humans moving. Once you've done this, think for a moment. What is the common denominator in the way humans move most of the time?

Most of the sports we play or the way we move about from point a to b you can see that walking, running and throwing seem to be the commonality in the way we move most.

These actions require your entire body to move as a system or whole. They do not consist of isolated muscle actions. Our muscles need to work together in order for us to move through space. 

Think about the muscles of your body as a group of individuals. This group of individuals have been tasked with cleaning a house. A few seconds into cleaning up the house only one individual finds themselves cleaning while the rest are sitting around. What do you think will happen? 

You guessed it, the one individual cleaning is pissed off that no one is helping out. The same idea goes with training in isolation vs. integration. 

While there might be times where an individual or muscle may need to work alone it seems that if you can get the entire group to work together more work can get done easier and more effectively. Especially when the task at hand requires a group effort, which is literally everything you do on a daily basis.

You will improve your movement in ways that matter to your long term health if you can figure out how to integrate your body instead of merely training your muscles in isolation. 

This is where FP comes in. We have based our training on making humans walk, run and throw better to ensure that more not less integration is happening within their body.

To learn more about isolation vs. integration check out our entire article on this subject.

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