“That's what they SAID, Principle.”

“That's what they SAID, Principle.”

If you’re just getting into this new trend called, “taking care of yourself and your health” or have been in this game for awhile but haven't heard about the S.A.I.D. Principle yet. Then you’re a bit behind. Let me quickly catch you up.

S.A.I.D. is an acronym that stands for “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands''. It pretty much means that your body has a tendency to adapt or morph to the demands placed on it. Basically, stressors, what happens in life to you, your environment and the things you do on a daily basis make you who you are.  

Is living pain free and making the most of your time in this life important to you? Then pay attention. 

We’ve heard of repetitive motion patterns or tasks right?

The SAID Principle needs to be understood because what you have done and are currently doing when you stand, walk or move around might not be the patterns you want to hard wire in your body. You might be wiring in more pain and dysfunctions that will get harder to deal with as you get older.

Some people who sit at a computer and type all day have a tendency of being the people who also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain. A golf player who is always swinging and rotating in one direction may lead themselves to having asymmetrical overuse injuries over time. Remember, what you tend to do most your body will want to adapt to it. 

Only, it's not that simple and it can be easily over looked in terms of importance. In order to use the SAID Principle to your greatest advantage you are going to have to put your FP lens on and take a look at the SAID Principle in the way that we do in order to get the types of results we get. 

Make sure to read our article where we break the SAID Principle down in a way that will have you thinking twice before you head in to the physical therapist for a session or to the gym for a workout. 

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