Indie's Results


Indie began training FP with her mom @sharon__barbaro to address her posture and promote general wellbeing. She trains FP most weeks for a half hour, up until this point we have primarily applied 10 Week Online Program and FTS material. Before FP Indie would easily startle and regularly became emotionally distressed in high activity/energy/noise environments including at school. She now displays resilience in social and high energy settings (including school and sports), her school attendance, classroom participation and academic results improved as a result.

Before FP she actively avoided sports, lacking both coordination and confidence. Over her year of training Indie has grown almost a foot in height, some from regained structure and other natural development. About 6 months into her training she asked to join a local martial arts school, a few months ago she joined a mixed junior basketball team (and towers over most kids in the grade 3-4 competition) and recently qualified for district shotput at her school athletics carnival.

First photo - 13 November 2022, Age 8. Second photo - 19 May 2024, Age 10
✅ Improved core engagement
✅ More neutral pelvis Great work her by the mother daughter duo

@sharon__barbaro and Indie for setting a wonderful example for mothers and daughters everywhere!!! Let’s goo!

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