Mental Health Affects Fascia Health


You can’t improve your mental health if you are literally a prisoner of your own body. Due to countless amounts of trauma, stress, dysfunctional movement patterns our bodies will begin to become more and more restrictive to our own selves. Before you begin to try and improve mental health with exercise make sure that you begin learning how to undue and break open your current physical cast that is oppressing your movement.

When your mechanics are off you won’t feel good. You will look for ways to feel better (usually self sabotaging your future mental/physical health). Emotions are a byproduct of what’s going on physiologically in your body and how well you move will have a great impact on your physiology. If you workout and keep ingraining bad mechanics while doing so, although you may feel good temporarily, you’ll find yourself needing to use exercise just to get by while feeling worse over time as your mechanics get worse. If you improve your movement (MTD), you’ll feel good without needing to workout all the time.

The fastest way to feeling better using FP is by getting the 10 Week Online Program done. This will build a solid foundation for you to begin training and improving your mental health for good.

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