Mother Gets Her Life Back


Mothers give up a lot to raise their children. Their bodies health doesn’t have to be one of them. The more a parent tends to their health physically and mentally the more they are able to contribute back to their families. Being in pain or not being able to move well can be a big damper on your ability to be present in your families life.

Chronic pain and injures make it harder to want to focus on anything other than dealing with those issues.

We aim to get people out of pain and moving well so they can move on with living their lives. Whether that’s a firefighter or nurse getting back to helping others or in this case getting a mother, Emily back to feeling that she can be there for her three boys for the long term.

Great work here by @mark__labib and Emily.

“I showed up to FP stressed, inflamed and in pain. I came from a background of dance, which encouraged hypermobility and flexibility but had lost all my strength after 3 pregnancies. Everytime I tried to return to exercise after the babies I would feel good for a few months and then end up with an injury that put me out for a month, and the pattern continued. I was also nursing my mother during her palliative stages and needed to be strong enough to lift her and not injure myself as I was a primary carer.

After a few sessions I knew I had found what I was always looking for, something to address all facets of health and rebuild the body from the inside out, after a short while I felt calmer, my digestion felt better, I felt stronger and my posture was changing. In the beginning I was in a high adrenal state and didn't need any further stimulation, I couldn't explain the calmness that came over my body after the sessions, not to mention the endorphins. This style of training I can safely say has changed my life, I feel strong, calm and am out of pain, and even more importantly I can easily keep up with my three active boys. Life changing.”

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