Scoliosis Awareness: Spinal Curvature Improvements

“Diagnosed with severe scoliosis at 14, I was told by every doctor I met that surgery was my only option. My curvature was too advanced for a back brace. Despite their consensus, I intuitively knew there was a more natural approach to reverse my scoliosis. For years, I tirelessly searched for alternative methods, but none, including yoga and the Schroth method, yielded any significant results.

The pain I experienced was intense, ranking between 8 to 10 on a scale of 1-10 during everyday activities like laundry or sitting upright. Relief only came when lying down or standing without engaging muscles (adopting poor posture due to scoliosis). My health suffered greatly, leaving me constantly fatigued and impacting my work ethic. Standing for a typical 6-hour work shift made me stiff, achy, and excessively sore the following day, requiring over 12 hours of sleep for recovery.

One day while scrolling through Instagram, the algorithm presented me with Functional Patterns’ page. Intrigued, I watched a few of their videos, and something clicked. The concepts they presented resonated with me, and I immediately reached out to @_nina_chou_ @fp.santamonica

From our first session, I knew I had found the missing piece to my scoliosis puzzle. I trained with Nina twice a week for three months in September 2022, followed by nine months of independent practice, incorporating only the exercises she taught me into my daily routine. In September 2023, I resumed in-studio training with Nina, marking a journey that has spanned over a year.

Western medicine had painted a bleak picture, declaring my deformity irreversible. Today, I stand as a testament to the transformative power of Functional Patterns. Finding Nina at FP has been a blessing. When I look in the mirror, I witness the remarkable transformation – my hips, ribs, and even my glutes are visibly aligning. It’s nothing short of a miracle. And the cherry on top of it all is that I am no longer in pain.”

Great work here by @_nina_chou_ and Jonetta! Keep it going!

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