The Problem with Deadlifts



Our main issue with the barbell deadlift is that it doesn’t have much transferability when it comes to moving objects in our reality. Besides the initial beginning phase of hinging down to grab said object, the rest of the lift does not mimic the same type of leverage your body would create when lifting things.

For one the trajectory of the barbell stays vertical, where as lifting most objects will take on a slightly parabolic trajectory.

The next issue comes down to the center of mass of the weight (barbell) staying close to your bodies centerline, leaving your posterior chain less engaged.

If you were to pick up let’s say a big box 📦 the center of mass is now away from your center line (you can’t bring the center of mass close to your center line due to the mass or thickness of the box being in the way).

The mass of the box would pull you down and forward, forcing your posterior chain to engage more to keep you upright as you lift and enter the end range of picking up the box.

Our question is why lift a barbell that has little transferability to lifting objects in reality when you could just go and lift objects like medicine balls, throwing dummies, or boxes?

Now we know we will get someone commenting how athletes do barbell deadlifts all the time and that I what makes them elite athletes. Correlation does not imply causation. Ever hear of Herschel Walker? There have been many athletes who did not do dumbbell deadlifts and preformed well in sports. How about the ancient Greeks, gladiators and warriors of our past?

All we are saying is there are definitely better alternatives to the barbell deadlift that can lead to gains in the gym without the damaging side effects. Multiple World Champion and Olympic Medalist athletes have used only FP with great results.

We figure out how to be freakishly healthy and strong physically and mentally without having to damage our bodies and brains with shortsighted techniques like barbell lifts and steroids.

We make this post to encourage you to think and train intentionally, not habitually.

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