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Ting was dealing with pains and discomforts stemming from the 8 years of weight lifting he did hoping to get a stronger body. But how strong can someone be if they are in pain all the time? From neck pain to back pain to hip pain his time in the weight room led him to fall into the vicious circle most gym goers tend to find themselves in. You train, get injured, and recover only to train again and repeat the cycle. Getting stronger and more coordinated is something Ting found when he realized that there are first principles to training and movement. If you can master these fundamental actions it makes training pain free easy.

Before: April 2019 | Age: 26 | Speed: 17.3m/h | IN PAIN

After: December 2022 | Age: 29 | Speed: 18.6m/h | NO PAIN

Ting’s Testimonial: “Before I do FP, I had done 8 years traditional weight training, hoping get stronger body. I trained a lot of compound movements, like squat, deadlift, bench press, pull up. At the beginning I did gain a lot of muscle mass, but as time went on, the discomfort and pains in my body became more and more obvious. Including neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, hip pain. That even taking a deep breathe upper back would hurt. I try rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and discomfort has been temporarily relieved, but I still use the same movement patterns, pain still bothers me. Although traditional weight training made me uncomfortable, l was still lost in the sense of accomplishment brought by heavy weights and fell into a vicious circle of training, injury, rest, training, injury, rest. After training FP, I gradually realized that in order to solve problems, I must think about the human body as a whole system (really slowly, I even mixed FP and traditional weights training for a year), and face my own distinctions and misbehavior. I completed the HBS1 course in Spain in April this year, and now I no longer have pain and discomfort, and I feel more stronger, better coordinated, and sleep better. The point is not to fall into the vicious circle of training, injury and rest, thanks to Naudi and Functional Patterns.”

Great work here by @_tingyao_lin

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